We Take Bong Cleaning Serious

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  • Here at KLEAR™ Solutions, we take cleaning cannabis tools seriously. We want to provide you with the best set of cleaning products that money can buy. We thought we would tell you a little bit about us here at KLEAR™. And, if you want to, you can send us your thoughts on what you might like next.

    We started KLEAR™ Solutions with one product, KLEAR™ Kryptonite bong cleaner.  We shipped Kryptonite in our iconic bong shaped bottle which you can actually convert into a bong. Kryptonite was created by our team of chemical engineers with three key requirements. One, it must eliminate the need to violently shake your precious glass, two it must dissolve cannabis oils & flower build-up and, and three, it must be non-toxic and safe for our environment.

     We knew that if our product dissolved the oils in your bong, you wouldn’t have to shake it. And we have heard hundreds of stories about people breaking their bongs while cleaning them with the old-school salt and alcohol method. Our solution gently coats the inside of your bong or hand-pipe. And, we also knew that alcohol, acetone, D-Limonene and many other cancer-causing chemicals are included in other cleaners. Not ours!

     We designed Kryptonite to be a little viscous, but easily rinsed away with water, so that it would not leave any residue behind as it polishes your glass cannabis tools. This is what makes your experience, “Don’t Shake! Coat, Relax and Rinse.

     The last features we added were green color and mint fragrance. Kryptonite is green and green smells minty, right?

     KLEAR™ Kryptonite bong cleaner took the Colorado market by storm! The Colorado Board of Safety approved Kryptonite as “non-toxic” it was off to the races. Now, when we go out in Colorado, wearing a Kryptonite hat or t-shirt, it’s a conversation starter! One night, a couple of us were out at a bar in Colorado and the bartender saw the hat, “Hey! Kryptonite! I love that stuff!”. When he found out we were the company owners; well let’s just say it was a fun night. The next day, entirely hung over and smoked out, we brought him a little care package as a way of saying thank you for so much fun!

     Over this time, some of our customers said they didn’t like the mint smell. So, we created KLEAR™ Naked. KLEAR™ Naked is the same formula, without the green color or minty smell. We were happy when KLEAR™ Naked started getting great reviews.

     After KLEAR™ Naked, we heard from professional extraction labs that they needed a version of our cleaner specially formulated for their needs. We created KLEAR™ Extractor Cleaner for growers and producers. KLEAR™ Extractor Cleaner cut cleaning times by 24x and reduced the cost of  maintaining their labs. KLEAR™ Extractor Cleaner is concentrated, and engineered to be diluted up to 40 to 1 in water. Although, KLEAR™ Extractor Cleaner was engineered for extraction labs, it turns out that dab users love it! It has all the great KLEAR™ features with new ways to use it.

     We’d love to hear from you about how you use our products. Or, if you have ideas on what we can do to improve your cleaning experience, send us an email. If we use your story or input, we’ll be sure to send you a nice little supply of products. Email: sales@klearsolutions.com

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