KLEAR™ Cannabis Extractor Cleaner 470 Single


About this Product

Included: one 470ml bottle of KLEAR™ Extractor Cleaner


KLEAR™ Cannabis Extractor Cleaner was scientifically designed and developed for professional cannabis growers, extractor artisans and true connoisseurs of clean cannabis concentrates. Voted one of the best Cannabis Extractor Cleaners on the market, our cleaner will stand up to your toughest cleaning jobs. 


KLEAR™ Cannabis Extractor Cleaner was engineered in a lab to remove plant matter, waxes, and concentrate extracts. It immediately washes clean with warm water and is designed to be diluted with water to work with tools, cannabis grow trays, glass, metals, and all other hard surfaces.


When time is money and you want the most effective cleaner available, KLEAR™ Cannabis Extractor Cleaner is the only product available on the market that meets or exceeds EPA regulations with less than 3% VOC and is truly a multi-surface cannabis cleaning product. Stop wasting valuable time and money. Purchase KLEAR™ Cannabis Extractor Cleaner now.

Learn How to Clean your Extraction Equipment with KLEAR™ Cannabis Extractor Cleaner

You can recycle the diluted  KLEAR™ Extractor-water solution for use on multiple trays! This not only saves you money, but is also great for the environment. You can pour the diluted Kryptonite solution between trays after each tray soaks for approximately 10 minutes and not have to worry about using all of your Kryptonite Cannabis Extractor Cleaner to only clean one batch of Pyrex glassware or extraction tubes!

KLEAR™ Solutions Products

All of our KLEAR™ Solutions Products (KryptoniteNaked, and Extractor Cleaner) have been scientifically formulated to improve your cannabis cleaning experience.





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