What's the best way to clean a water pipe - Kryptonite

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  • The Value of Clean

    You Clean Your Plate. So Clean Your Piece.
    Let’s get serious. You would never eat ice cream off the same plate that was just loaded with saucy spaghetti. So why would you ever smoke out of a dirty piece?

    With a clean pipe, water pipe or other smoking device, you can better enjoy the rich flavors and effects of different strains without any “leftovers” getting in the way. Klear Kryptonite offers a unique solution that enhances the taste and experience of the smoke while extending the luster and longevity of your favorite pieces.

    Get the Easy Clean
    1. COAT

      Simply coat the inside of your water pipe with Kryptonite and pour any remaining product back into the bottle for next time, or into a plastic bag to clean your stems or small pieces. No need to dilute.

    2. RELAX

      Wait just 20–30 minutes while the scientific formula goes to work dissolving tough, baked-on residue. Other products require vigorous shaking or overnight soaks, but not Kryptonite.

    3. RINSE

      Simply wash the mess away with warm water. No microwave or stovetop needed.

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