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  • Q – Yo, does Kryptonite work on dabs or oil rigs?

    A – Yes, KLEAR™ Kryptonite works great on dab rigs and other tools that come into contact with cannabis extract. Kryptonite works quickly and safely to remove the resin build up in and on your dab rig and smoking tools. Click here to see instructions on how to use Kryptonite to quickly and effectively clean your rig.


    Q - Can you tell me which of your products will work best on a dab rig?

    A – KLEAR™ Kryptonite and KLEAR™ Naked are very similar products, and both work great for cleaning a dab rig. The main difference between Kryptonite and Naked is the artificial color and scent added to Kryptonite to give it its green color and spearmint smell. 


    Q - Does Kryptonite work on Both 420 & 710.

    AKLEAR™ Kryptonite Bong Cleaner is the only cleaner specifically designed for 420 and 710 smokers.


    Q - Does it take longer than 30 minutes to clean a 710 dab rig and how long do you recommend?

    A – We always recommend that you coat the inside of your water pipe, bong, or dab rig with KLEAR™ Kryptonite and let it sit for 30 minutes before you rinse it out. Often, if your rig isn’t too dirty, you could do it for less time. But, to be sure, 30 minutes is the time.


    Q - Can I put Kryptonite in a Ziploc baggie for my smaller pieces that need to be clean?

    A – If you set your smaller parts into a Ziploc before you put KLEAR™ Kryptonite into your bong, you can pour the excess directly from your bong into the Ziploc. Just make sure your assorted parts get coated completely and let it sit for 30 minutes. You can also reuse the solution in the Ziploc bag if you want to save some money.


    Q - Why is Kryptonite Green?

    AKLEAR™ Kryptonite is a clay-based cleaner that naturally has a light brown color. We decided to add green dye to Kryptonite to make it look nice. We also added a spearmint fragrance. KLEAR™ Naked is the same cleaner minus the color and the spearmint fragrance. 


    Q - Does Kryptonite contain alcohol or acetone?

    A – No. KLEAR™ Products Are Safe and Clean. Kryptonite is made in America and is the lowest VOC cannabis cleaner on the market today (<3% VOC, compared to Alcohol and Acetone which is 100% VOC). Kryptonite contains no D-Limonene. KLEAR™ cleaners are the only bong cleaners that passed Colorado Health and Safety Board’s tests and are used by dispensaries all over the United States to clean their displays and cannabis curing jars. Kryptonite doesn’t leave behind chemical residues like alcohol.


     Q - Is Kryptonite safe to use?

    A- KLEAR™ Kryptonite is safe to use as long as you follow the instructions. We do not suggest that you use it for cleaning items that are not explicitly described in our instructions or approve usage. 


    Q - What does it mean when you say Kryptonite is a clay-based cleaner?

    AKLEAR™ Kryptonite is infused with a clay that helps absorb tar and resin. Similar to the way kitty litter might work to absorb oil spilled on your garage floor, Kryptonite’s clay absorbs these oils. This is one of the ingredients that make Kryptonite the most best cleaning product in the cannabis market place today.


    Q - How do I know when all of the Kryptonite has been washed out of my water pipe?

    AKLEAR™ Kryptonite is infused with a spearmint oil. You should rinse your water pipe or bong with warm water until the spearmint smell is gone. This ensures all kryptonite has been successfully washed off.


    Q - Can the 270 ml bottle be turned into a bong or is it just aesthetics?

    A – Yes. Over the years we’ve turned more than one empty 270 ml bottle into a water pipe for on the go use. We have happily used the 270 mL bottle to relax with the Dirty Heads, backstage at a concert!


    Q - What are the ingredients?

    A – Our patented formula, is not public information. However, we can send you the key things that matter in terms of safety. If you’d like to get a copy of our Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) please click here and we will email you a copy.


    Q - How do I use KLEAR™ Kryptonite to clean my metal grinder?

    A – Simply place a few drops into your grinder and rotate the grinder’s blades several times. You’ll notice that the grinder Motion become smooth, which tells you kryptonite has removed the sticky goo. Then, rinse off the excess until all the spearmint smell is gone before grinding your herb.


    Q - How do I use Kryptonite to clean tar or resin out of the sink?

    A – Place a quarter size amount of KLEAR™ Kryptonite on a moist sponge and wipe out the inside of your sink. Rinse with warm water to remove any excess.


    Q - What’s the difference between Kryptonite and Naked?

    A - KLEAR™ Naked glass and bong cleaner is the fragrance and dye free version of KLEAR™ Kryptonite, which is why we call it Naked. If you are sensitive to chemical smells and harmful dyes, this product is for you! 

    Q - Is Kryptonite available at local smoke shops?

    A – Yes, KLEAR™ Kryptonite is available at local smoke shop’s here in the US, Canada, Europe, and in Japan. If your local smoke shop doesn’t carry kryptonite currently please let them know they can reach us at 855-80-KLEAR and we will be happy to turn them on to the best cannabis cleaning products!


    Q - Can I use Kryptonite on my clothing to take out tar or resin.

    A – Yes, you can find instructions on how to use KLEAR™ Kryptonite on clothing or cloth.


    Q - How do I contact somebody at KLEAR kryptonite, phone and email addresses?


    Q - Is Kryptonite safe on silicone bongs and pipes?

    A – Yes


    Q - Is Kryptonite safe for Pyrex trays?

    A – Yes


    Is Kryptonite safe on quartz banger’s?

    A – Yes

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