KLEAR™ products - Environmentally Cleaner

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  • Kryptonite, Naked and Extractor Cleaner are better than the competitors we analyzed with respect to possible damage to the environment. In this short blog, we're going to explain why.


    KLEAR™ Products Are Safe and Clean. Kryptonite, Naked and Extractor Cleaner are made in America and are the lowest VOC cannabis cleaner on the market today (<3% VOC, compared to Alcohol and Acetone which is 100% VOC). Kryptonite Naked contains no D-Limonene. Kryptonite cleaners are the only bong cleaners that passed Colorado Health and Safety Board’s tests. 

    In other words, the rest of the cleaners on the market contain Alcohol, Acetone, or D-Limonene, which are all harmful to the environment. So, if you want your bong cleaner to be environmentally safe, there is one KLEAR™ choice.


    KLEAR™ Solutions Products

    All of our KLEAR™ Solutions Products (Original Formula, Naked Formula, and Extractor Cleaner) have been scientifically formulated to improve your cannabis cleaning experience.

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