How to Clean your Bong

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  • How to Clean Glass Pipes and Bongs With Kryptonite

    KLEAR™ Kryptonite and Naked Bong Cleaners were specifically designed for 420 and 710 smokers.

    To clean your bong with these products, follow the instructions below.


    1. Empty your bong and remove the slide and bowl.

    At this time, you may want to put your slide and bowl into a ziplock bag for cleaning. And, if you use the sink to pour our your bong water, you might want to clean that with Krptonite or Naked as well.


    2. Apply KLEAR™ Kryptonite or Naked

    Pour our cleaner into the lower opening of your bong. You don't need to use too much. Just enough so that you can coat all of the surfaces in the next step.


    3. Don't Shake. Coat the inside of your bong slowly and carefully.

    Gently move your bong around to coat the insides. If you put your slide and bowl into a ziploc, now is the time to pour any excess cleaner into that baggie in order to clean them.

    If you have Krypto-Caps, this is the time to use them to ensure that you can move your bong around without spilling any of the cleaner.

    To clean the bowl and stem simply move around the cleaner in the baggie until all the parts are coated.


    4. Relax

    Once your bong, and other parts, are coated with Kryptonite, you just let it sit for 30 minutes. Our cleaner will take care of the rest. 


    4. Rinse

     The final step is to use warm water to rinse your bong clean. 

     NOTE: Hard American glass should come back crystal clean. If you glass is somewhat soft, the high temperature burn areas may be permanently stained.


    5. Enjoy


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