Diluting Extraction Cleaner for Cleaning Harvesting Scissors

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  • Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning pruning and harvesting scissors removing tars, resins, and plant matter. Trimming scissors should be cleaned frequently in an effort to reduce cross contamination and ensure large yields in the growing process.

    To use Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner to clean scissors and other trimming devices, dilute the solution 40:1 or approximately 4 ounces to one gallon of water. We recommend a one-gallon jug as the solution can be stored and reused for up to 30 days after it’s been mixed.

    1. Dilute Extractor Cleaner With Water

    To start, take a clean one-gallon jug and add 4 ounces of Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner. Add water until you fill the jug up to the one-gallon mark. Securely place the jug cap and shake the solution thoroughly. Properly mark the cleaning solution 40:1 prior to using it.

    2. Pour The Solution

    Pour the Kryptonite Extractor Cleaner into a small container used to store trimming scissors between usages. Ensure the solution covers the length of the scissor blades. Do not completely submerge the scissors.

    3. Apply During Trimming

    During the trimming process, scissor blades can be quickly submerged in the cleaning solution. Rinse with water and wipe with a clean rag then dry. Clean frequently during the trimming process in an effort to reduce cross-contamination and maintain grow yields.

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