Bong Cleaning with Salt, Alcohol and More

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  • Introduction

    Here at Klear Solutions, we hear a lot about cleaning bongs with salt and alcohol. And, what’s funny is that as we run our web site, we see that tons of people search on how to do that. So, let’s talk about how to do that. And, let’s talk about why you shouldn’t.

    Why Clean Your Bong

    As it says in many articles on how to clean a bong, smoking from a clean bong is not only a better way to taste your bud; it is also better for your health. And, cleaning a bong with salt and alcohol is the way most people have cleaned their bongs for many years. Now, let’s get into it.

    Salt and Alcohol Bong Cleaning

    Generally, the steps to clean a bong that is about 18 inches tall is to add about ½ cup of iodine-free salt to the top and lower openings. Then add about two cups of isopropyl alcohol. As part of this process, you will probably want some bong caps to keep all this inside the bong. The final step is to violently shake your bong so that the mixture and your effort cleans the bong. Try not to break your bong in the last step. Many people do.

    More Information

    When it comes to sealing the openings of your bong, we offer Klear Kryptonite Bong Caps on our web site. We found that, no matter what cleaner you are using, they make it a lot easier. Another thing we found is that if you purchase bong cleaner, and that bong cleaner is salt and alcohol based, you might want to check the label to see if it has D-Limonene in it. Basically, D-Limonene is poison and it’s our opinion you should avoid putting that chemical in your bong.

    A Better Alternative

    Having known all of this for many years, the founders of Klear Solutions had two key things in mind when they invented Klear Kryptonite Bong Cleaner.  First, we needed something that did not require shaking your bong. We kept hearing about people breaking their bongs while shaking them in the old-school cleaning process. Second, we needed something that wasn’t poisonous. Our first product was invented by a PhD chemist to meet both of those needs.

    How to Clean your Bong with Klear Kryptonite

    The steps to clean a bong that is about 18” tall start off with getting a bottle of Klear Kryptonite or Klear Naked bong cleaner. Those are available here. The second step is to shake the bottle of Kryptonite (not your bong) for a moment to make sure it’s good to go. Next, pour enough Kryptonite into your bong to coat all of the internal surfaces. We find that pouring a little in the lower opening, capping that with our bong caps, adding a little more on the top, and capping that is very easy to do. Then, instead of shaking your bong, just gently move it around to coat the surfaces. Then, since this will usually product a little extra, you can pour some into a baggie and put your stem and bowl into the baggie. Mush that around until everything is coated. Again, be gentle. Kryptonite will simply melt all the oils over the next 30 minutes while you relax. The final step is to rinse everything with warm water. We find this process to be better because we know:

    1. We are not using poison
    2. We won’t break our bong
    3. It is easier

    Once Last Thing

    If you are interested in more information about cleaning things that get dirty in the world of cannabis, check out our web site where we have a bunch of “how to” information.

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